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"Candice has been my personal coach and mentor for over four years, and an amazing catalyst of inspiration and support in my life. Candice almost immediately understands with sharp insight the heart of the matter of what I bring to her. She is able to reflect back to me in a way that guides me to listen to my deepest, most intuitive truth and to make decisions from an authentic place."
Karima, Client :: Chicago, IL
How exactly am I qualified to help you?

Personal Power through self-expression is my specialty and greatest personal labor of love. In fact, it is so dear to my heart that revealing my work to you is like baring a piece of my soul. Everything I offer it is an essential piece of my personal journey. I was once terrified to use my voice, and I was playing small in every arena. I know the magnificent feeling of reclaiming self, and I know the pains along the way. Every ounce of wisdom I share with you comes from a deep understanding and personal application. This is no quick fix. It is a process of personal growth that will absolutely change your life forever, IF you are willing to do the work.

I know what it takes to move into your true voice and full power. With full integrity. Without posing or pretending. Self expression, voice and vehicle as defined by you, and only you.

I can show you the way

Candice Schutter has a BA and advanced training in Psychology and has been a personal coach since 2005. She services clients across the US and in Canada, and has traveled across oceans to teach and empower women of all ages. She worked as the senior editor of educational materials at Nia Technique, Inc. and later helped co-create an entire teacher training curriculum with HoopGirl Founder, Christabel Zamor. As a successful life coach and multi-passionate entrepreneur, she is most at home writing and working one-on-one with clients who, like her, are passionate about self-expression. Learn more at
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