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WEEK 1 :: MC1 COURAGE ~ Releases Immediately Upon Enrollment

Being Seen & Heard (MC1: COURAGE)

MC1 Full-color eBook, Audio mp3

Why do I continually get the same results?
Get clear on the impact of your current expressions, for better or for worse.

Many of us spend our valuable energy pointing fingers in life... when in reality, we are living in a Hall of Mirrors. Take power and response-ability back over the impact of your expression and own the results you're getting. Self expression is inevitable and it's about more than what you say. How you move through the world speaks volumes, and others respond to you accordingly. Consider the impression, or mark, you're leaving behind. Where is life telling you to place your focus? Get clear and start by cleaning up your own mess.

FOCUS: The Impressions We Make, The Ways We Hide, Courage as Responsiveness vs. Reactivity

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Deeper Than Drama (MC2: CLARITY)

MC2 Full-color eBook, Audio mp3 + Guest Presentation

What exactly am I fighting for?
Effectively navigate unfinished business without all the pain and strain.

Drama is everything we engage in rather than focusing on the connection we so deeply yearn for. Discover what the recurrent cycles of pain in your life are showing you, and turn your sensitivity into a superpower. Apply the salve of self-empathy when you need it most.

Bonus! We'll take a detour into
The Powerhouse and explore in greater depth the 3 internal archetypes that are present in any interaction. Focused self-awareness will enable you to navigate your emotional triggers with greater dexterity and compassion. Learn and embody the pivotal difference between the STRENGTH of vulnerability and the weakness it's often confused with: emotional tantrum-ing.

Also, I'll introduce you to the 3 Stages of Drama and demonstrate (that's right, I'll SHOW you) what decides whether or not the story repeats itself or gets resolved for good. Diffuse the wound vs. detonating it... and do away with unnecessary processing for good!

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Assert Without The Hurt (MC3: CONFIDENCE)

MC3 Full-color eBook, Audio mp3 + Guest Presentation

How do I stand up tall with a heart wide open?
Learn to draw lines without the need to defend or justify.

Learn how to self-advocate and get what you want without argument. Know when and how to step back without running away. This lesson is a major game-changer when it comes to rising above the bullies and the well-meaning energetic vampires in your world. I'll show you a clear-cut path that can take you from heated defense to healthy assertion.

Beneath every painful reflection in life, lies a truth; yet it's often NOT what you think it is. Mine beneath the surface of what you see reflected and discover the gems. Learn the 3 Stages in the Expression of Truth. Knowing where you are with something will enable you to more deliberately ascertain what you need so you will be able to ask for it. Trust me, this practice alone will completely transform how you show up when it comes to conflict (both internally and externally).

In this lesson (and with your permission), we will use real-life situations to demonstrate this practice together.
It's gonna be a juicy one... the more you pour into pretraining, the more it's sure to directly benefit you.

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More Heart, Less Heroics (MC4: COMPASSION)

MC4 Full-color eBook, Video , Audio mp3 + Guest Interview

What's mine. What's yours. What to do with it all.
Explore how you & others truly feel seen in the world and know your bounds.

Sovereignty is the ultimate journey of the empath. Learn how to balance a sensitive and deeply-feeling temperament with the needs of those around you. I'll help you to understand what it means to stop giving what you can no longer afford... without alienating the people that you love. Learn why giving it all away results in so much confusion and gather tools so that you can express your "helpfulness" more effectively.

Practice the HeArt of No by owning your resilience and tapping into the vulnerability to say what's real. Sovereignty is your ability to hold your needs apart from the world around you. I'll offer you an absolutely essential (freebie!) lesson from
The Powerhouse that will directly support the tools offered in this master class.

Offer your friends and loved ones what it is that they really desire in your expressions by learning to listen beneath the surface of things. Develop filters in your communication, become masterful at empathic reflection without taking on someone else's needs as your own. And more importantly, learn how to ask for what it is you really want without inviting codependency.

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Tap Into the Juice (MC5: CONNECTION)

MC5 Full-color eBook, Audio mp3

How do I best express myself to get the RESULTS that I want?
Distill your truth to its essence, so you and the world ingest only your healthiest bits .

Learn to affirm your own significance in ACTION, by getting more deeply in tune with what moves you. I'll help you to self-define resonance and dissonance in ways that empower every relationship in your life. Untangle yourself from obligation, supposed-to's, and fallacies of thinking... and get 100% on-board with Your Inner Expressionista. There is a part of you that is crystal clear in terms of how you are uniquely designed to show up in the world. I'll show you how to put her at the helm of your ship. In this lesson we examine the messes in your life more closely, offering you opportunities to respond with greater clarity and impact.



Video Presentation, Audio mp3 + Digital Playbook

What Now?!
I'll Offer You a Visual Presentation weaving all the SYT Principles together.

The final class presentation offer a slideshow review of all course content, along with expanded commentary. Use the course review to complete your Personalized Digital Playbook. This comprehensive post-training Q&A will help you create a gameplan to ACTualized the course content in your everyday life.

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Single Payment -
$247 $124
2 Payments - $129 $69
4 Payments -
$67 $39

Scholarships are available.

50% OFF through December 31, 2014

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